The magic material we use in the Prolite Girth is renowned for its ability to wick away sweat, so keeping your horse dry and comfortable.

Proper care is essential to ensure the best performance and, fortunately, it couldn't be more simple. Here's how to keep the magic alive.

Follow this quick and easy care routine:

girth care pic1

A build-up of dried sweat on or in the girth will interfere with the Prolite's breathability. This may eventually cause the girth to lose its flexibility and become hard.

girth care pic2

All that's needed to maintain the girth is a bucket of water, plus a cloth or soft brush. A mild detergent can also be added to the water, especially if the girth is dirty or smelly.

girth care pic3

Simply dunk the girth in the water and use the cloth/brush to gently remove any stubborn grime or dirt.

girth care pic4

Remove as much water as possible with a towel, then allow the girth to dry completely before using again. There is no need to apply any further products.

NOTE: Failure to care for your girth correctly, and allowing sweat to build up in the fabric, will cause the material to become hard and eventually crack.